The Marquette Symphony Orchestra is currently collecting donations to fund the 2014-2015 season. Please contact (906) 226-6591 for more information.

Friends $100 - $249

David and Judy Allen
Diana Anderson
Carrie Biolo and James A. Strain,
    D.M.A.- In Honor of Ed 
Kenneth and Judith Courtright
Keith and Judy DeFant
Robert Delaney
John and Rosa Diddams
Melissa and Carl Eiben
Mary Ganfield and Cindy Ampe
Norbert and Nanci Gasiewicz - In
  Honor of Kaylee Whitfield's
  brilliant basson performance
Stephen and Betsy Grugin
Suzanne and Norman Hefke
Miriam Hilton
Lydia Hoff
Nheena Weyer Ittner and Neil
Dick and Nancy Lutey
Carlo Maki
Fred and Carol Margrif
Marquette Monthly
John and Donna Marshall
Michael and Kathleen Mayhew
Dan and Connie Mazzuchi
Robert and Shirley Moore - In
  Memory of Betty Baer
Eino and Esther Olander
Robert and M. Clareen Peters
Robert and Nancy Railey
Kay Payant and Ted Raymond
Patricia Pellett
Timothy and Francella Quinnell
Jim and Judy Quirk
Pavie Rasmussen-Donnelly
Debra Smith and Robert Serfas
Burns and Carolyn Severson
Stephansky Family Trust
Jay and Lotta Stewart
Caralee Swanberg
UP Catholic Credit Union
Bill and Judy Van Kosky
Charles and Judith Warner
Brodie and Sarah Jane Westen
Paul Wiggin
Robert Yuill
The Ziegler Family
Founding Member $5,000+

Conductor's Circle $2,500 - $4,999

Dan and Ann Arnold
Robert and Rosemary Glenn
Bodil and Milton Soderberg

Benefactors $1,000 - $2,499

Blueberry Ridge Bed and Breakfast
Patricia Brish
Joe and Sherry Brzezinski
Dr. and Mrs. Steve Danek
Fred and Kathy Maynard
Medical Laboratories of Marquette
Terry and Frances O'Neill
Range Bank
Paul and Marci Thieme

Patrons $500 - $999

Don and Sandy Balmer
Dr. & Mrs. Adam Brish
Sue Acocks and Howard Cohodas
Kenneth and Maura Davenport
James Garland
Janet Bruhn Jeffcott Trust
Ron and Iris Katers
John and Pauline Kiltinen
Northern Michigan Bank & Trust
David and Suzanne Shahbazi
Marlene A Woo-Lun
G. Katherine and K. Charles Wright

Stewards $250 - $499

Adela Backiel and Bill Banzha
Cliff's Natural Resource
Raymond Gregory and Dr. Medina
Judy and Guy Jeanblanc
Marilyn Klahn
Mary Anne and Jack Kublin
Cindy and Kevin Negri
Mike Nidiffer
Tom and Linda O'Brien
Susan and Clayton Peimer
Karlyn Rapport
Jon N. Schuster
Susan Ritter and Greg Sutherland
Marjorie Vidlund

Contributors $50 - $99

Dr. and Mrs. Donald Dreisbach
Kenneth and Margaret Elhart
Diane Kent
Alan and Barbara Pierce
Thomas and Dorothy Taylor

Supporters $10 - $49

Tom and Barb Buchkoe
Kay Freeman
John and Ruth Heidemann
Chris Kovala and Jessica
The Parkkonen Family; Bill,  
  Marcia, Ian, and Maija
Betty Ann and Jim Schneider
Tanya Stanaway

In-Kind Donors

Cowell & LaPointe, PC
The Art of John French
Holiday Inn
Jamie LaFreniere
Landmark Inn
Lutey’s Flower Shop
Marquette Monthly
The Mining Journal
Northern Michigan University
Norway Springs Water
The Point Radio
Pride Printing
Why Not Marketing
TO BECOME A DONOR:  Donate online (button below) or please send donations to
Marquette Symphony Orchestra, 501 South Front Street, Marquette, MI 49855
Marquette, Michigan
Performing Since 1997
The Mission of the Marquette Symphony Orchestra is to create, provide and promote professional performances of orchestral music through collaboration with residents and music educators of the region.