The Marquette Symphony Orchestra is currently collecting donations to fund the 2013-2014 season. Please contact (906) 228-0472 for more information.

Stewards $250 - $499

Addison, Lorna
Cliffs Natural Resources
Diddams, John & Rosa
Edgar, Al & Gail
French, John
Jeanblanc, Judy
Klahn, Marilyn K. 
Kolasa, Michael
LaVoy, Peter
     In Memory of Kate Lavoy
Lutey, Dick and Nancy
Miller, Joan and Don
Nidiffer, G. Michael
Payant, Kay
Raymond, Ted
Schuster, Jon N.
Vidlund, Marjorie
Warner, Charles and Judith
Yuill, Robert S.

Friends $100 - $249

Adamini, Stephen **
Allen, David and Judy
Ample, Cindy and Mary Ganfield
Anderson, Diana
Biolo, Carrie and James
     Strain, D.M.A. **
Bolitho, Kristin - In Memory of
T. Boyd Bolitho, M.D.
Courtright, Ken and Judy 
Dreisbach, Dr. and Mrs.
Dutmer, Robert H.
Gregory, Ray
Greenlee, Ronald and Rosalind
Grugin, Stephen and Betsy
Hammerstrom, Carl and Lynne
Hefke, Norm & Suzanne **
Ittner, Nheena Weyer and Neil
Kiwanis Club of Marquette
Maki, Carlo
Marquette County Bar Association **
Marshall, John and Donna
Matherne, Dr. Beverly
Matthews, Ruth C.
Mayhew, Kathleen & Mike
Mazzuchi, Dan and Connie
Mazzuchi, Jennifer and Roman
     Politi **
Moore, Robert and Shirley
     In Memory of Fritz Moore
Negri, Cindy and Kevin
Olander, Eino and Esther
Pellett, Pat
Peters, Kathy and Lewis
Purrington, Burt and Sandra
Quirk, James M. and Judith A.
Short, Bill and Rita
Solka, Thomas and Elizabeth **
Steward, James and Betty **
Swanberg, Caralee
Van Kosky, Bill and Judy
Wallace, John and Elizabeth
West, Margie, Charlie and Christopher
Wester, Marianne **
The Ziegler Family
Founding Member $5,000+

Conductor's Circle $2,500 - $4,999

Arnold, Drs. Dan and Ann
     In Honor of Dr. Robert and
     Rosemary Glenn
Glenn, Rosemary & Dr. Robert

Benefactors $1,000 - $2,499

Blueberry Ridge Bed & Breakfast        
Danek, Dr. Steven and Eun-Ai
Frei, Julia **
     In memory of Grant F. Frei and
     In Honor of our parents Frank F and
     Betty L. Frei
Maynard, Fred and Kathy **
Medical Laboratories
O'Neill, Frances and Terry
Soderberg, Dr. and Mrs. M.D. **
Thieme, Paul and Marcia 

Patrons $500 - $999

Brish, Dr. and Mrs. Adam **
Cohodas, Howard L. and Sue Acocks
Davenport, Kenneth and Maura
Janet Bruhn Jeffcott Trust
Katers, Ron and Iris
Kiltinen, John & Pauline
Kublin, Mary Anne and Jack
Marquette County Community
     Foundation **
O'Brien, Linda & Tom **
Peimer, Susan & Clayton
Rapport, Karlyn
Shahbazi, David and Suzanne
     In Honor of Sophie Pitkakari
     Patterson, survivor of the Italian Hall
Snowy Ridgers
Walmart **
Webber, Daniel and Katie
Woo-Lun, Marlene A.
Wright, G. Katherine and K. Charles 

Contributors $50 - $99

Anderson, Ann and Walter
Anthos, Leonard and Barbara **
Barrington, Esther LaVoy
Cory, Bradley **
Davis, Kathy and Bill
Engelhart, Robert and Roberta
Hornbogen, Dan P.
Hyde and Swajanen **
Kent, Diane
Kordich, Diane D. **
LaBlonde, George and Sharon
Lehmberg, Paul & Zhuang-Zhong
Lewinski, Gary and Barb
Little, Betsy and Paul Marin
Noren, Thomas and Susan
Osstyn, Randolph and Carrie **
Peterson, Janis **
Quinnell Elder Law **
Rutkoke, Ann & Tim **
Soucy, Norman and Susan **
Treado, Timothy and Rebecca **

Supporters $10 - $49

Adamini, Ray and Jeanneanne **
Anonymous **
Baldasari, Joseph and Frances **
Baldini, Thomas **
Berglund, Kevin and Mary **
Chiconsky, Melanie **
Dhilman, Marie **
Darling, Dave and Fran
Driscoll, James **
Greenwood, Daphne **
Jirvonen, Linda and Michael
    Allkins **
Knoebel, Mark and Sandra **
Larson, Larry **
Longhini, Sandra **
Longtine, Ernest Sonny **
Moore, Ardith **
Moore, Cathy **
Parkkonen, Marcia, Bill, Ian
     and Maija
Peck, James and Laurie
Pool, Charles and Judith Lee **
Trolla, Mary
Whitehead, Connie **
Wiles, Donald and Catherine **
Zeilinski, Jerry and Teresa **

In-Kind Donors

Cowell & LaPointe, PC
Econo Foods
Father Marquette Middle School
The Art of John French
The Grand Marais Pilot &
     Pictured Rocks Review
Holiday Inn
Jamie LaFreniere
Landmark Inn
Marquette Monthly
Messiah Lutheran Church
The Mining Journal
Northern Michigan University
Norway Springs Water
Pride Printing
Sweet Water Cafe
The UP Catholic
Why Not Marketing
TO BECOME A DONOR:  Donate online (button below) or please send donations to
Marquette Symphony Orchestra, 300 West Baraga, Marquette, MI 49855
Marquette, Michigan
Performing Since 1997
** The entirety or a portion of this donation has been given in memory of Edward Quinnell